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Hamas and democracy

By: Esfandiar Khodaee

56586588568Hamas really represents the Palestine nation in a clear democratic way. Nobody can deny the fact that Hamas democratically won the public election about two years ago. Yet the UN and the west and even some Arab nations do not make any political relations with Hamas.

Hamas and Palestinian people have experienced loneliness for 60 years. Now and in the 22 day war they learnt the great fact that the key of their victory is in their own hand. And they should depend on themselves and their own resistance not the timid Arab governments or the United Nation.


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Meshaal: Resistance is all we have in Gaza

amirisefat20090111043848500In a speech from Damascus, Khaled Meshaal, Hamas› political leader spoke on the events arising from Israel’s ongoing 15-day raid on the Gaza Strip:
The edited text of the Saturday televised address follows:
The Zionists wanted to impose a humiliating defeat on us because the only obstacle to confront them is resistance, especially in the Gaza Strip. Perhaps the Zionists, because of the difference between the resistance in Lebanon and Gaza, thought that in comparison with Hezbollah, we were weak and they could regain the reputation of their army following its defeat in Lebanon. They tried to use the territories of Gaza to show their military might. ادامهٔ مطلب »

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Assad: Israel is not after peace

yrian president Bashar al-Assad says Israel should prove its seriousness about peace talks by withdrawing from all occupied Arab territoryies.

The Israeli regime’s efforts to make peace in the Middle East are «just a tactic and not a strategic choice» and the regime must prove its intention by action, said Assad at the opening session of a meeting of Arab parliamentarians held in Damascus. «Israel must provide proof of its desire for peace because it is the Israelis who are occupying our land and aggressing our people», he added ادامهٔ مطلب »

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‹US raids to Pakistan and Syria last minute shame for Bush›


Raids on Pakistan and Syria have further damaged US standing in the final days of the Bush administration, says an Iranian official.

An aide to Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hamid Molana, said Sunday that cross-boarder attacks on Syria and Pakistan is in no way improving Washington’s image in the world.
«The Bush administration is deeply mistaken if it thinks that raiding countries can bring last minute glory to the Republican Party,» asserted Molana. He said that Washington’s unilateral air strikes on Syria and Pakistan are ‹Bush administration charades› aimed at diverting attention from the perpetuating economic crisis ادامهٔ مطلب »

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Human rights & peace in the middle east – Arabism & radical Islam discrimination on the «other»

Human rights & peace in the middle east – Arabism & Islam discrimination on the «other»
[Analysis] Peace will prevail when economic, social and cultural rights are granted to all … The Middle East… conflicts…  For example:

* the Israel and [so called] «Occupied Territories» (Palestine) issue

* the conflict between Hamas and the Fatah; the Iraq conflict

* the conflict in Afghanistan

* conflicts within Saudi Arabia

* the security concerns, especially the nuclear threat, that Ahmadinajad’s Iran poses ادامهٔ مطلب »

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Arab League slams US raid on Syria

CAIRO, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) — Such a violation undermines the efforts to establish regional security and may lead to more tensions in the region, the pan-Arab body said in a statement. The U.S. move spoils the credibility for peace efforts in the war-torn Iraq and its neighbors, said the statement. Confirming its solidarity with Syria, the Arab organization voiced its support to Syria to protect its people and sovereignty. ادامهٔ مطلب »

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American ambassador in Lebanon «Michelle Sison»: we spent more than one billion dollar in Lebanon within the past few years

This is exactly what the American ambassador in Lebanon «Michelle Sison» said in her interview with Qatari newspaper Al-Raimedia.Lebanese newspaper Assafir comment:The armament of the Lebanese army is nonsense.
What they described as «great gift» by the Americans three years ago is lifting of the ban on M16 ammunition, and the ban on medium-range machine guns 12,7 mm still exists.
The U.S. is trying to play a «broker» role, providing the Lebanese army with aged, retired -Cobra- Helicopters must be picked up from the Jordanian army which in his turn put them out of service. Even American factories stopped making spare parts for this kind of Helicopters.

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Romanian President: Syria Most Important Country In Middle East

In an interview with the Syrian daily Al-Watan, Romanian President Traian Băsescu, who arrived in Syria today on an official visit, expressed support for the Syria-Europe economic cooperation agreement. He added that Syria was the most important country in the Middle East that could help in resolving crises in the region.  Source: Al-Watan, Syria, October 19, 2008

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Egypt hails Lebanon-Syria ‹step in right direction›

CAIRO: Egypt on Thursday hailed Syria and Lebanon’s establishment of diplomatic ties for the first time since independence 60 years ago as «a step in the right direction.» «Egypt is relieved by the announcement of setting up diplomatic relations between these two neighbor states,» Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said in a statement. «This is a step in the right direction,» he said, calling on Damascus and Beirut to «take other steps to consolidate the relationship … with respect for each other’s sovereignty.» ادامهٔ مطلب »

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Democracy meets moderate Islamists wishes

A quick look at the Islamic countries reveals the fact that moderate Islam coordinates democratic values. In fact if democracy establishes in these countries, moderate Islamists will gain more than anybody else. They will receive the freedom of activities and get ride of cruel dictators which limits their freedom. here is more concrete examples:
In Egypt if a free and just election happens, moderate Islamists will surely achieve at least their minimum rights. Maybe they can win majority of seats of parliament.
In Turkey the situation of Islamists is better. Any time that a free election is performed the winner is an Islamic party like Adalat, Fazilat and Refah. And whenever the military forces prevent free election, the Islamists stand in weaker position.
In Pakistan if general Mosharaf issue the permission of a really free election Islamists will gain more benefits and the freedom of activity.
In Europe Moslems gain a lot of the democratic atmosphere and whenever an undemocratic decision”n like the laws against Hijab” is taken, Islamist will lose more than any body else.

Who is against democracy in Islamic countries?
1- The dictator rulers who feel unsafe about free democracy. They know that in a free democratic election they won’t win.
2- The United States of America! It is surprising if one says that the U.S.A is always at the side of dictators and stands against democracy in Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and any other Islamic country.

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