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Iraq-Iran War

Recognizing, that Saddam Hussein and Iran’s Shah {His Imperial Majesty Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Shah} signed joint peace treaty between Iraq and Iran during presidents of OPEC meetings held at Algeria in 1975 via good will instrumental by former Algeria president Houari Bumedian who arranged for private separate meeting from presidents of OPEC sessions gathered Saddam and Shah’s Iran to reach for agreement about some important issues regarding Iran-Iraq relations, such as solving all borders problems between two sides regarding re-marking out joint land and river borders between Iraq and Iran, conduct active and strict surveillance for their joint borders to prevent any illegal violations and building strong neighbors relations based on joint respect and non-intrusion in interior affairs for both Iran and Iraq. This agreement between Saddam and Iran’s Shah called Algeria treaty. ادامهٔ مطلب »


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Hassan Nasrallah, don’t go Egypt, please

Salam Press alarms:

With the experience of historical treacheries of Egypt dictator Hosni Mobarak and considering his close relationship with Israel, this is clear for every open eye that this is a dangerous invitation planning to endanger Hassan Nasrallah’s life.
The full news of invitation is here:
Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar says that Hassan Nasrallah will get an invitation to visit Egypt in the coming two months. The newspaper added that this is the new Egyptian policy to keep the same distance from all the parties in Lebanon

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Democracy meets moderate Islamists wishes

A quick look at the Islamic countries reveals the fact that moderate Islam coordinates democratic values. In fact if democracy establishes in these countries, moderate Islamists will gain more than anybody else. They will receive the freedom of activities and get ride of cruel dictators which limits their freedom. here is more concrete examples:
In Egypt if a free and just election happens, moderate Islamists will surely achieve at least their minimum rights. Maybe they can win majority of seats of parliament.
In Turkey the situation of Islamists is better. Any time that a free election is performed the winner is an Islamic party like Adalat, Fazilat and Refah. And whenever the military forces prevent free election, the Islamists stand in weaker position.
In Pakistan if general Mosharaf issue the permission of a really free election Islamists will gain more benefits and the freedom of activity.
In Europe Moslems gain a lot of the democratic atmosphere and whenever an undemocratic decision”n like the laws against Hijab” is taken, Islamist will lose more than any body else.

Who is against democracy in Islamic countries?
1- The dictator rulers who feel unsafe about free democracy. They know that in a free democratic election they won’t win.
2- The United States of America! It is surprising if one says that the U.S.A is always at the side of dictators and stands against democracy in Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and any other Islamic country.

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Pakistan, China expected to sign civil nuclear deal

Pakistan and China are expected to sign a civil nuclear agreement during President Asif Ali Zardari’s maiden state visit to the Communist nation, the country’s envoy to Beijing said today. Both countries have always supported the peaceful use of civil nuclear energy and an agreement in this connection is expected to be signed during the President’s visit to China which began today, Ambassador Masood Khan said. The two countries will ink several agreements in the fields of technology, agriculture and minerals. They will also sign an investment protocol to their existing free trade agreement to boost investments in Pakistan, he told Geo News channel. ادامهٔ مطلب »

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Former global leaders in Iran to support Khatami

TEHRAN, Iran – Former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami is hosting a high-profile conference uniting former U.N. chief Kofi Annan and other dignitaries this week — a rare visit seen as a reformist effort to position him for a comeback ahead of crucial elections. Long an opponent of hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Khatami has stepped up his criticism in recent months. And he is under increasing pressure from moderates to challenge Ahmadinejad in June’s presidential elections. Khatami’s supporters believe a victory by a political moderate would help Iran out of international isolation. But Khatami insists he has made no decision and reacted angrily when asked whether the high-profile visitors reflected backing for a possible presidential bid. ادامهٔ مطلب »

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A Hope for Diplomacy in Iran

By stuart on October 13th, 2008
Former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami manged to get an enviable collection of foreign politicians to attend his recent two day conference in Iran. Khatami is positioning himself to oppose President Ahmadinejad in Iran’s upcoming elections. Ahmadinejad elected on a platform of social reform and increasing wealth in Iran is seen to have failed by many of the populace and is confronting what will be a hard fought campaign for his reelection. ادامهٔ مطلب »

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Iran Requires Preconditions for Talks with U.S.

     Barack Obama has been under fire for stating that he would meet our enemies without preconditions. Well it turns out that the Iranians aren’t overly anxious to meet with us. Who would have thought?
     Little Green Footballs gives all the details:

     “Barack Obama may intend to meet with Iran without preconditions (yes, he did say it, no matter how often he tries to deny it now), but Iran isn’t granting Obama the same courtesy: Iran’s Vice President Sets Two Preconditions for Talks with US. ادامهٔ مطلب »

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Electromagnetic Fusion or Lightning Fusion

TO ALL SCIENTISTS   A paradigm shift is about to occur

 I have found the perfect energy device. My system is also a direct replacement for all nuclear fission water reactors

Since April 2007 on the internet trying to stimulate fellow scientists and citizens to replicate my experiment in order to vindicate truth-no one does anything- maybe after the total collapse of our economy and or war with Russia over energy will you care- it heats up now as you continue to ignore the true and only solution to the global energy crisis. I solved the energy crisis- time will tell

Solomon Azar

September 13-2008  http://noblefuse.com/

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Iranian blog portrays presidential elections

Contrary to most countries, in Iran blogs have become the primary source for reliable information for the general public. Due to the extensive control over media and other information outlets by the Iranian government the Iranian public often turn to blogs that have managed to fly under the censorship radar in order to get news and information. For this reason I thought it would be interesting to compare an Iranian news blog story with a Western media story. The next comparison will take a story and compare how it is reported by a blog and by the Iranian state media. ادامهٔ مطلب »

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